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Parkinson’s Disease Help Note PD Note Help (hereafter referred to as this site) has rules for the visitors of this site (hereafter referred to as visitors) to have trouble-free and comfortable stays. Please use this site after confirming the following.

(1) Please consult with your doctor about your treatment details.

Drugs for Parkinson’s disease are highly customizable according to the patient’s constitution and symptoms, and the combination of drugs is infinite. A manager is also a person with juvenile Parkinson’s disease, not a doctor or a pharmacist. Please consult with your doctor or family pharmacist about the details of medical care and prescriptions.

② Please keep the content of the article as a reference.

The content of the article is the content that the writer himself tried. It may not necessarily be suitable for visitors, so please do so at your own risk when trying.

③ About the copyright in this site

As stipulated in the Japanese Copyright Law, it is prohibited to use part or all of the text without permission of the article writer who holds the copyright. When quoting, please be sure to specify the URL of the citation source. In addition, when using articles on this site on other sites, if the copyrighted work is within the scope of free use (Article 30 to Article 47, Paragraph 8 of the Copyright Act), there is no need to contact us in particular.

Please understand that we spend time and money on the operation of this site to create articles that are easy for everyone to read.

③-1Ownership of copyright

Please note that the copyright of this site belongs to the following.

  1. Copyright for each article belongs to each article author.
  2. The copyright of the external link destination belongs to the external link destination.

③-2If you want to contact the author of the article on this site about copyright

Please contact us from the inquiry form on this site.

④Regarding posting comments on articles

As a general rule, we plan to post comments received as they are unless they violate public order and morals. When posting the name and email address you entered, if it is a nickname, it will be posted as it is, and if the first and last name are listed, only the first letters of the alphabet will be posted, and only the surname will be replaced with the alphabet, etc., and the email address will be deleted. To do

Also, if the manager wants to ask you something additional, we will contact you at the email address you filled in, so please make sure there are no mistakes.