When a person with Parkinson’s disease falls outside, people around him or she should be aware of the fall.

If I fall in front of a crowd, I am unable to get up quickly due to my Parkinson’s symptoms and it takes me a long time to get up. At such times, many people come to help, such as those who say, “What’s wrong?” or someone suddenly tries to wake them up, there are many people who come to help.

I am upset from my fall, so I ask, “Are you okay? Can you stand up by yourself? If not, I can help you. If not, I can help you.

Next, I will explain why it is better to talk to them in that way, adding to the psychology of the person with Parkinson’s disease.

Psychological status of Parkinson’s disease patients at the time of the fall

Patient in wheelchair and caregiver pushing wheelchair

When a Parkinson’s patient falls in a crowd, “The area where I fell hurts.” and is depressed. My mind is filled with impatience that I will be a nuisance to others if I don’t get up and move out of the place soon!

If you try to wake me up suddenly without calling out to me after I have fallen, I may fall again, involving the person who helped me up.

It is also possible that there is extra panic as you rally to help the person who has fallen. (I rarely panic.)

There are many causes of falls

A person being carried on a stretcher

Parkinson’s disease makes it difficult to maintain posture, sometimes bending forward and walking as if rushing. While a person who can walk normally can stop, Parkinson’s patients have difficulty controlling their speed, gaining momentum, and can not stop.

When I go out to the station platform during the rush hour to work, I sometimes get stuck and fall without being able to take a single step. When I go out to the station platform during the rush hour to work, I sometimes get stuck and fall without being able to take a single step. In addition, when the medicine does not work well, the muscles around the hip joints and ankles become very hard to walk, making it difficult to walk.

Parkinson’s patients behave like healthy people only while the drugs are working. In addition, in some cases, depression can make symptoms even worse.

When people with Parkinson’s disease fall and try to stand up, they sometimes move slowly while checking whether their body is in a state where they can stand up. It is difficult for people with Parkinson’s disease to deal with sudden assistance at such times.

Please call out to prevent accidents after a fall.


In the past, I fell at a train station. At that time, the woman who helped me suddenly tried to make me stand without notice, and I lost my balance. I’m glad I managed to hold on at the time, but it doesn’t always work out. To prevent accidents after a fall, I would appreciate it if you could say to a person with Parkinson’s disease, “I’m going to help you.”

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